King of the Volcanoes Camp 2020 – Day 4

After a quick prep dip to check that the coast was clear of jellies, which remarkably it was … the group had the option for a longer swim this morning, around to the adjacent beach of Playa Chica. It was (another) beautiful morning ,and everyone was so please to be able to enjoy the ocean without any sightings of the little stingers!

Today’s itinerary is a completely new route new climb and we have included a new brick run route – whilst much of the camp familiar year on year, there is always always to more to discover on the island and new training ideas! A lot of resurfacing of the minor roads which would have previously been unridable dirt tracks has improved our ride routes, and opened up some new views of the island too.

So, today’s climb has been named ‘secret cove” …dropping down the long smooth road to the quiet beach of Tenesar, where the road runs out. The ride down seemed such a ling way, and was into the wind – actually most agreed that with todays tail wind conditions, the climb was not really “all that bad” and as ever gave surprisingly convincing efforts considering how tired everyone must be feeling by now!!

once again there were c=some close finishing times, and even closer results on handicap- demonstrating that the handicapping calculation is pretty good – although each of our races is slightly different in nature. Todays climb, for example, starts reasonably steep but then rolls out into a 3km ‘false flat”, suiting the riders on TT bikes or those who are not out and out “climbers” well.

The next new feature of the day was the introduction of a brick run around the volcanoes. Following coffees, we rode into the National Park, to meet Rachel had kindly driven our run kit and kept watch on the bikes for an hour.

There were options of a one volcano, or two volcanoes, laps.. and everyone enjoyed the opportunity of a unique off road run with some very interesting features.

Standings after days 4 – and things have swung …with Kevin surging ahead on account of a great climb today ,and never having missed a single training opportunity! Phil is very close in second place, and only needs one position on tomorrows climb to jump ahead of Kev…. and in fact any of us in the top half of the table could, in theory still come out on top after the Final KOV and the 5k run tomorrow.

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