shapeimage_2EverydayTraining is Steven Lord and Jo Carritt.

With over 20 years experience of racing at an elite age-group level and professionally between us, our wide-ranging experience and individual training approaches give an excellent background to provide the help that you need in balancing your training, racing and fitness ambitions within your working and home life.

We each have our own clients that we work directly with although we do discuss their training from time to time – pooling our different areas of experience and expertise to come up with the best possible plans and advice for you.

Whatever your ambitions, our experience is that the structure, motivation, advice and support that EverydayTraining provides you with will help you towards achieving them.


How It Works
Initially you will discuss with your objectives, goals and key areas to work on with your coach. We’ll then come up with a overview plan towards achieving these goals, and work out a weekly training template that suits you.

We then provide you with a daily workout schedule, sent through in blocks every 3-4 weeks, so you’ll have details of what sessions to do each day. Your coach can always be contacted by email to answer any questions or discuss your training related ideas / issues, and will endeavour to respond by the next day. We are also happy to arrange to chat by phone or Skype, and find it useful to spend time with our athletes and try to hook up with them whenever we’re in the same location be it for a coffee, a training ride or even a race.

Packages and Charges
We charge £80 per month for this fully customised personal training programme, and ask for a 3-month commitment of £240 to be paid up front – an advance to cover the work involved in the initial set up process, and also to ensure that we allow sufficient period of feedback and adaption to optimise a coaching relationship in a way that works best for you.

For athletes requiring a less involved coaching relationship, we can provide a customised full- season plan, or even a short term (typically 6-8 weeks) plan towards a single key event, for a  fixed fee .