King of the Volcanoes Camp 2020 – Day 3

Day 3 on camp always starts with our Aquathlon competition – extra points are awarded for participation, with a few teams of non-runners paired with non-swimmers in order that everyone is able to take part. This morning’s swim was cancelled due to jellyfish sighting ( which is an understatement – actually Steven “found” a jellyfish with his face within moments of getting in the sea to place the turbo buoy) so the race was reduced to a 4.5km run.

To keep some sort of multi- sport element, we started the race at the waters edge, in wetsuits, so that there would also be a Transition split recorded as part of the race. it was definitely less exciting race in this format, with people putting less effort in. Perhaps the lack of warm up, or more likely it had been pre determined who the faster runners are and less feeling of the string swimmers being chased down, or runners having to chase and close a gap to them. Notably Emma and Russel chose to run together – they are evenly matched pool swimmers, who train together at home, and I believe it would have been very competitive between the two of them had we been able to include the 500m swim.

Today’s hill climb was an out and back on the road from Yaiza to Degollada. It is a relative short ride out, so we had a relaxed start time, and socially paced ride out. People’s are definitely starting to feel the effect of the previous couple of days, and this mornings run race … and the description of this hill wasn’t exactly met with all round smiles!!

The climb starts very gradual, almost a false flat for the first 1.5-2km, and then kicks up to about 15% …. eases off briefly and then kicks a second time to what we estimate must be close to 20%. It has been known for people to simply give up and get off their bikes as they see the final bit of road tip upwards … but happily not so today! The extreme effort involved in getting over this last brow always provides some entertaining chat on the finish line … and today’s head wind on the flatter section really made matters worse.

Times for this year were remarkably slower than previous years due to the wind direction … but our results were all very close – and when the handicap adjustment is applied, you can see from the table of results below that it was extremely close completion with many riders finishing within seconds of one another!

Following this effort we headed to the cafe to compare tales, consume caffeine and work out provisional results …and discuss plans for the rest of the ride. There was a general consensus that a shorter day on the bike was preferred and we reduced the planed rides slightly, and those riding with Emma added in a few extra touristic stops around El Golfo, which is a particularly beautiful and interesting part of the island. Even Jo’s group had a leisurely stop in a gallery shop for homemade lemonade that they serve in the cafe… and everyone was back at their hotel by about 3pm for a recovery afternoon. Half way guys!! ;o)

Standings after days 3 – where each position on handicap was worth 3 points are below – Training Points reflect the amount f swimming, cycling and running that each camp has done so far ( i.e choosing the longer ride option, or doing a longer or second run or swim would earn an extra point for the day )

Rachel felt a little awkward to receive the Leaders Jersey on account of her Massive Asterisks (running joke)… but is was agreed fair enough , since the advantage of the electric motor in her bike should soon be balanced out through them handicapping system – she will be set off last on timorous climb – and it is great to have her out with us on longer rides than she would otherwise manage.

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