King of the Volcanoes Camp 2020 – Day 5

Enjoyable group swim, we kept it a brief lap (a “coaches half hour”) and as one group – to the buoys, rocks and back to shore in order to be in breakfast promptly and departing soon after 9 on the bikes. The last day of competition on camp is a busy one!

It has been very warm all week – and this has made the going a bit tough on some of the longer ride days- it’s quite a contrast for those who have arrived only 5 days ago from the cold wet UK. (On the plus side, we have been extremely lucky with the winds – as light as I have known then in Lanzarote, and it’s rare for that to last a full week on camp!) The ride included a 55km ride out, and to be honest one two of my group were suffering /sandbagging on the last hill up into Haria. Our 3 ride groups, met in the town of Haria for a quick fill of cold drink ( ok, the faster group may have had a more leisurely coffee there!) before assembling for the start of the final timed KOV climb.

The handicap gaps are now pretty accurate after a week of adjustments – and this final race carries 5 points per place – so all to play for today! Due to the famed Tabeyasco valley road being ( permanently?) closed to road repairs, we have had to modify the route of the last climb to a shorter version starting in Haria, but does include the switchbacks at the top as the road winds up to the highest road pass on the island, at Mirdor de Haria.

After lunch in the tourist cafe at the top, Steven worked out the provisional times, and then we all “rolled’ home the most direct route, in order to prepare for the early anticipate (haha) 5km run race that afternoon.

So eagerly anticipated was it that Steven and I had to do a serious amount of persuasion in the direction of the “Taunton Gang” to get them to take part – which, happily, most of them succumbed to! It’s a tough week on camp, and at that time on the penultimate day racing 5km in the heat after a 100km ride isn’t the most appealing idea for most people!

In fact, most doubt their ability to even manage to race – this is where Steven’s concept of Guess Your Time comes from. We ask campers to estimate their run time, and then run without a watch (or tape the face of it).

We start everyone on exact handicap, taken from Tuesday’s aqauthlon run, and this almost always results in much faster running than anyone guesses that they are capable of! More experienced campers have got wise to this…but even so everyone over estimated the time it would take them to get around the two-lap 5km race, when there are “targets” to chase ( or avoid being chased down by).

First across the line today was Andreas, Jo narrowly missing out on catching him before the finish. Followed in by Jo and then Matthew…unfortunately for Andreas, it transpired that he had followed when Russell accidentally cut the route short by about 300m on the first lap, and so his real finish time and order would have been somewhat further back…the results below for him and Russell have been adjusted to reflect this.

The final KOV points scores are now only effected by the Training Points that people get tomorrow, which is the long ride day. We give 5pts for the “Ironman route” and +1 point for each additional 10km…which really is only an option for our faster ride group, on account of the time available. It would be impossible for anyone to gain enough training to pass Phil now, as long as he completes the long ride, he will take the jersey home with him :o)

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