King of the Volcanoes Camp 2020 – Day 2

The first good news for the day is that the sea was clear of jellyfish! So everyone was able to enjoy one, or two, laps sea swim before breakfast.

Today’s ride is one of the longer days, as we head to the North East of the island to tackling ( Time Trial up!) then longest climb on Lanzarote. we rode there as 3 groups, as usual .. the staggered start intended to mean that we all reached the destination within a short time of each other. Things didn’t quite go as panned in that regard, but groups 2 and 3 were more than content to enjoy a long break for ice creamed cold drinks. especially as Marriane Vos and a team mate also stooped by for a refuel!

Starting order today were seeded off yesterday’s race – with the fastest riders last off, trying to catch the slower ones on the road. The system works pretty well in general.. although the 9.5km ascent doesn’t necessarily play to the strength of those who were fats around yesterdays’ rolling TT course.. Steven and I enjoy this fact a little, we have to admit!

We all enjoyed the fact that Rachel, assisted by an E-Bike, was able to ride through the entire field – passing Vos and Tenniglo on her way up – and set a record time for that particular hill climb! Obviously this places a massive Asterix next to her name in the record tables, but is all being taken in very good spirits, and it is really nice that this battery intervention is enabling Rachel to join us on much longer rides and see more of the island than she would otherwise.

The table shows actual time, handicap adjusted time ( which is the important bit) and points earned.

In addition to the KOV climbs competition, we attribute points for training (Training Points ) and so at the end of day 2 the camp competition looks like this :

Most people left the lunch stop en route for a lightly longer ride than the “standard” way home.. and few people ran after 130km today – excepted Kevin and Matthew, room mates and now seem to be solid running ( and drinking!) buddies for the camp.

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