King of the Volcanoes Camp 2020 – Day 1

Jelly fish interrupted our first morning swim somewhat… at first there seemed just a few of the pretty little red floaters, but as we swam further along the bay, we encountered them in greater numbers. No one really likes to swim into something in the water, and some people really were quite uncomfortable with it – they do sting too – so most of us cut the swim short. It’s a real shame because we always so enjoy how blown away all the new arrivals are by the beautiful water here on their first morning swim of camp. No jellies had been spotted during our pre camp swims, so we are hoping it’s a one-off…

After breakfast we rode out to El Golfo as 2 groups – a faster group and a larger steady paced group. The timings worked very well and having given us a 15 minute head start, Steven and co arrived at the meet point for the start of the time trial less than a minute after us.

As ever, the starting order for the first of our timed bike sections is a bit of a thumb-suck – though many of our campers have raced each other the course on previous camps .. we give a reasonable guess, and 30 second intervals. The wind conditions were fairly typical, and this is demonstrated in the camper’s times being a pretty typical spread. Actual times are below ( there is no Handicap Adjustment on Day 1).. Notable results here are Matthews’ PB and Roz’s fantastic 4th fastest time puts her in the ladies Hall of Fame for this course. What does stand out here is that all of the women who have ridden that course faster, did so in 2014 – a year where the winds were light and also blowing from the “wrong” direction resulting in many very fast rides. Roz and Matthew beat their own times from even that year !

I should add that Kevin’s time includes a puncture, which according to Strava, took about 14 mins to fix.

After the racing was done …everyone was feeling the we convened in a cafe for a leisurely rest stop, before continuing our tour over Fire Mountain (and beyond). It was feeling a fair bit hotter than of late day, and of course people are yet to acclimatise to the sun, so after 95km most of us were feeling a little toasted. Most people therefore decided either to skip an afternoon run, or go a bit later after a dip in the pool – after all everyone had already earned extra Training Points for doing the extended ride route.

I took Phil out for a 30 min jog, which built pace to a run, before ending the most comical cramping episode … he made a full recovery, but not before treating passing holiday makers to a full display of funny walks and pained groaning sounds!

At the end of day 1, combined Training Points and KOV points look like this, with Matthew in the Leader’s Jersey on day 2.

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