EDT Camp Lanzarote 2015 – arrivals day

shapeimage_2.pngSteven and I are delighted to be back here in Lanzarote for our 5th year running our EverydayTraining style Endurance Camp! With 19 athletes comprising a roughly half-half mix of returning campers and fresh blood ( including a few for out local tri club in Somerset for the first time)  it’s the ideal balance for us – some experience as well as the opportunity to bring the EDT camp experience t a new audience.  As always we have some of our own coached clients along too – always a great way to get to know the athletes that we work with through the year a bit better.

We’ll be bringing you daily reports of our activivies and highlights of teh camp all week – so do check in each day as the games unfold ….

My day as usual was consumed by trips back an forth to the airport – fortunately no hitches today. Not much to report. Steven had a bit mroe interaction with the campers – and here’s his review of “day 0” on camp:

“The day started with a taster swim for the two campers that have arrived early. The sea was lovely, calm and a little fresh. Jo and I snuck in a run before breakfast and the non stop day ahead. For Jo this meant a 5 hour initial spell of going backwards and forward from the airport doing pickups whilst I greeted athletes, helped with bags and bike building. For those arriving by early afternoon there was a shake down ride out to Puerto Calero. The most relaxed ride there will be on camp with an elapsed time of 2hrs including only 40 minutes of actual riding. All bikes were ok and several coffees, beers (alcohol free) and one large crepe (Jonathan carbo loading) were consumed. On the way out we got a taste of some of the fun ahead when Matthew having arrived, in complete contrast to last year, in great shape tried to entice Jonathan into a sprint by asking how fast his 808s were. Taking his coaches advice he let him go but Wayne couldn’t resist letting rip on his P5. This could be fun to watch unfold especially if we don’t let Wayne know Matthew’s long distance credentials.”


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