TriWomEndurance Camp Day 7

shapeimage_2.pngThe last day has finally arrived – after a week that at some points seemed very long and daunting, has flown past thanks to such a positive and fun group of characters that have helped and supported each their through their own challenges with fun, humour and flowers. It’s certainly made my life easy :o)

The final day consisted of a short ( 2.4km) swim so that we could get out on the bike early. the ride was a tough one, with 50km ridden directly north into the strong (60kph) headwind to Orzola, and then tackling the longest climb on the island…the last 2km into that same wind. Fortunately this was followed with a nice coffee stop and then a tal wind home. We arrived home earlier than anticipated, everyone made it out for a run …before settling down to enjoy well earned beer and chips in the sun!

The only athlete to complete the entire schedule was Marijcke – an inspiration for all of us with her bucket-loads of positive energy and determination. At the end of this tough 7 days of training, I’ve logged 38 hours – and I didn’t even complete the camp due to my timing duties on the races! This feat earned her lots of bonus points ( 1 points for each session, 2 bonus points awarded for every day where all 3 sessions were completed, and 10 bonus points for completing all sessions on all 7 days.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 21.03.28

Josta and Bob have provided their perspectives from the day and the camp :


So the last day arrived. Day 7! The island did not give us an easy week with all the wind and sometimes rain!! But oh well let’s go for the challenge. Unfortunatley I was sick on day 3 and could not find my strong legs. But today, I found them woehoe!

We started of with a swim in the pool and that woke me up. Then a long ride was planned all the way up to the north part of the island. Orzola was the first point to get to. In my mind I put the whole route in my head as seperate parts and each time I made it through a certain section I had a little victory :-). 

So to Orzola in the wind right in front of us oh yeah! Felt really strong there.

Then climbing up to mirador, always fun (ahum). Lost the strong legs there and saw the whole group flying up the hill in front of me. Also proud that they could manage this, wow! 

The hard part was done, from now on a lot of downhill, my kind of game. Marijcke who does not liking going downhill, was going faster than I have seen before. She getting the hang of it I guess. Dora and Bob were also flying. And Jo, well she was way ahead and enjoying herself. 

Oh and then a little climb left up the switchbacks, that was another struggle for me, but got up. Thanks to dora and her nice new pants that look great on her, so had a nice view 😉 and bob coming up with a lot of flowers that he picked along the way for me while climbing, crazy man, but the best! 

We made it through the day, we all wanted to “kill it”, so after 107km bike ride we will and we shall run. That was painfull but we did it and completed the camp, awesome!!!


Great week, great team, great location! Day 7 was the last day of a tiresome but super week! Josta kept the whole team out of the wind in the morning, loved her even more, ;-). We all needed this start with wind against and up hill…..So had some energy left to try and catch Jo during the Mirador climb, almost succeeded, ;-)! After 107 km, we arrived home and did the last activity of the camp, run… week finished, everybody still in one piece and more fit than before!! Certainly up for a repeat!

We’ll be blogging about our activities on camp each day here – look out for tweets @TriWomEndurance   and facebook postings too!



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