Late Season Lanza Camp 2013: Day 5

GOPR3363-filtered.jpgDay 5 of the camp…and suddenly we are all thinking about the fact that tomorrow will be our last day and wondering where the week has gone! The schedule for today saw us back in the pool for a CP set…it was hard work this morning, but we do enjoy swimming in this pool. It always delivers some amusing incidents due to tired athletes, wide arm recoveries, turbulent waters and a few entanglements with either the lane ropes or one another!

The “key” session for the day was a run hill repeats session…and Nigel, Steven and I had discovered a track with an appropriate gradient and not too rough a surface for running up and down. Hill repeats should be as much about the downhill running as the “up” efforts – building endurance in the quads against the hard eccentric loading, and developing the ability to relax and run fast downhill are both extremely beneficial. After a good warm up we started with a set of 45 second efforts up the hill, very short recoveries before running hard back down and repeating on 2.5 minute cycles. This is an easy way of levelling the session as everyone covers an appropriate distance proportional to their speed in both directions. We followed this with a set of building 500m runs up hill, with jog down recovery and culminating in a flat-out effort. Steven and I will use this information to handicap the run portion of tomorrow’s handicap race….with a big of fudging thrown in to account for the fact that Andy G was not feeling quite well this morning and perhaps even taking into consideration the relative strengths of people for hills rather than flat terrain. It was a pretty hard session, we could tell by the fact that everyone decided to walk, rather than jog, back to the Villa!

After the treat of pizzas for lunch, the rest of the day’s schedule was to have the option of the afternoon off. Marc, who is unable to run currently due to Achilles issues, took himself out for a 180km ride instead and  is out somewhere around the Ironman course today, and rather than taking up the opportunity of a relaxed afternoon, the boys all elected to take an easy ride out to meet him at one of the best bakeries on the island, in Tahiche.


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