Late Season Lanza Camp 2013: Day 4

IMG_0432-filtered.jpgThis morning’s open water swim was an endurance session,  and we all swam a lap of the Ironman course, with the faster group adding in a lap of the Aquathlon route which we will race at the end of the camp.

In order to allow some flat running in cooler temperatures, as well as demonstrate the run course for the Aquathlon race, we ran a 40 minutes along the beach front immediately after getting out of the sea. A pretty decent multi-sport session completed before breakfast!

The main event of the day was the famed Tabayesco Time Trial. This is a 9km climb of 450m up the valley from the small village of Tabayesco to the Mirador de Haria, with an average gradient of about 6% and usually sheltered from the island’s winds it can become prett hot in the valley. Every cyclist and triathletes that visits the island includes an attack on this challenge, with hundreds of results recorded on Strava .com. We always include it in the second half of our camps, and with athletes set of on handicap to give a better motivation we find that everyone manages an honest hard effort! This year was no exception, and the favourable conditions may have helped slightly as 4 of the group made it into the all time top 10. Notably, both Steven and Andy G posted a camp PBs of 29:52 and 42:48 respectively. This bodes well for both heading into their upcoming races.

Here is the leader board across all of our Lanzarote Camps.

Tabeyasco TT leaderboard.jpg


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