EDT Camp Lanzarote: DAY 1

GOPR2019-filtered.jpgFollowing the 100% successful arrival of athletes, luggage and bikes yesterday, most of the campers had time in the afternoon for a short shake-down ride. John gave a hint of how this camp may pan out when he ordered a beer at the coffee and cake stop after all of 7.5km! . This theme continued when Matthew produced G&Ts for anyone that fancied it on his balcony before dinner.

A very civilised start to this year’s camp!

Our first day started with a 7am dlap of the Ironman swim course. It was nice and calm, with light winds and very little swell, so most swimmers added on a visit to “The Rocks” to look at the fish, which we estimate as a 2km swim in total.

Our ride took us out to El Golfo in order to ride a warm -up loop to ensure that everyone knew the route for the “sporting” 10 mile TT that is a traditional feature of our first day on camp. This year’s results reflect the favourable weather conditions (although Brett’s Record form 2010 still stands) and it was also interesting to see that the middle 5 riders’ times were all within 11 seconds of one another .

ElGolfoNotable mentions to Rob McRitchie who, just like last year, showed himself to be the “King of Sand-Bagging” with all sorts of comments about how unfit he was as we approached the test, and then proceeded to produce the fastest time of the day. His result ranks him in the all time top three with a time of 26:01. Another awesome performance came from Mel, on her third camp this year, who produced a PB of over 2 minutes with the 4th fastest time of the day.

Check out the short movie taken form the finish line

Following a coffee in Yaiza, the majority earned a “wild card” by riding over Fire Mountain rather than the direct route home. This relatively short ride meant that there was time for some lunch before our group run along part of the Ironman course. A few people sensibly metered out there efforts and stuck to the 30 minute minimum whilst a pleasing number of the others opted to run a full hour, thus earning a “wild card” and the option of a day off running tomorrow. Steven thought he was going to impress by running for a full 1hr 40 but as he finished he met Matthew returning and learned that he’d run for the same length of time but managed a mile further. That run was the second longest (in distance) so far recorded on any of our camps.

Emma, The Kinesis-Morvelo Project team rider, joins us again as a ride leader and you can follow her updates from camp via her Kinesis-Morvelo Project blog


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