Endurance Camp Lanzarote: 2013

IMG_2630.jpgWe’ve hosted early-season camps out in Lanzarote for the past two years and have been fortunate to have attracted great groups of athletes, with exactly the right attitude- those who turn up ready to get stuck in and duke it out against their bodies, changing their perceptions about what they can achieve in the process. This year we have ten more long distance triathletes, including three “repeat offenders” (gluttons for punishment) who are currently preparing and packing for a massive week of training out on the Little Island, the Kona of the Canaries.

It’s our view that at the right time of year, and in combination with the right pre-camp preparation and post-camp recovery, there is great value in BIG WEEK training for endurance athletes. Not just on a fitness level, but also psychologically. But just try to achieve a genuine big training week at home; very difficult- even for a full time athlete.  Being on a camp not only provides you with the motivation to get up and go each day, but having all training sessions organized, routes planned, nutrition available and the company of others makes it a whole lot easier. That’s not to mention being able to finish your day with a nice stretch and beverage by the pool, rather than rushing back to domestic chores and preparations for work the next day!

So, working on “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” principle, we are returning to the same great apart-hotel that hosted us last year and we are very fortunate that Emma (Kinesis-Morvelo Project Rider) is returning to lend ride and logistical support and and Ali (Mills Physio) as a guest of the camp will be leading some pilates-based stretching and conditioning workouts to help get us through the camp in one piece.

We are also delighted that  The Tri Touch continues to support our camps, with masseur Rob Beavan providing massage services for the aching athletes each day and are very grateful for the ongoing support of Powerbar Nutrition which enables us to provide each camper with their own selection pack of sports product to keep them going through the camp. Both of these sponsors really help us to make our camps something extra special, not to mention great value for money.

In addition we have some special gifts and prizes from a great portfolio of additional sponsors this year:


TenPoint Triathlon


Primal Lifestyle

My Tri Club


The camp schedule is closely based on the formula that has been so successful in 2011 and 2012 – with a few small tweaks and a new route. We’ll be keeping the camp competitions, the wild card system and the overall aim of “camp completion” with 30+ hours of training in the six days of camp – for some people it’ll be their biggest ever training week, for others it’s an opportunity to do even more – and we will be doing our best to keep up with them!!

Below are some of the training “records” set on previous camps:

camp stats

As I write this, I’m watching garden furniture flying across the garden and hearing the kinds of howling winds that send a shudder through me, reminisce of night in 2012 spent riding back and forth between Playa Blanca and El Golfo…..but isn’t that just why we love Lanzarote, folks???


We’ll be blogging each day whilst on the camp – from the 9th March – so do check in to follow the guys and gals progress!

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