King Of The Volcanoes Camp Day 5

People are getting pretty tired now so we didn’t have a full turn out for this mornings swim. Those that did come along agreed to swim out and back 750m loops to the line of buoys so they could get as close to 30 minutes as possible. One camper, Russell, is now on a mission having found out he is close to the camp record for swimming. He managed 3 laps this morning and then did a follow up swim to total 5.2k for the day and bring his tally for the camp so far to 18.8k beating the old records (4.8k and 15.8k) with a day to go.

As with our old formats, the 5th day of camp is quite busy with multiple events happening to bring the camp competition to it’s close. We had been hoping to hold our Grande Final of the KOV climb comp with a time trial up the iconic Tabeyesco valley climb, but sadly this year the road is closed for maintenance. So, instead we started in the village of Haria, for a shorter run in to the ‘zig zags’. Logistically this put a little pressure in, as it meant a longer ride to get to the start. This meant a pretty rapid breakfast for most with the first group off at 9am and the last at 9:40am for the 50km ride round to the start all aiming to get there to start at noon.

Our timings worked very well with all the groups coming together for the climb up to Haria allowing us to start the TT off bang on midday. (Love it when a plan comes together!) This climb up is great fun, with the field really compressing towards the finish, and we can all see one another ahead ad behind as we tackle the switchbacks near the top.  Rob had a great ride to win on handicap and gain 70 points. The handicap proved pretty accurate with 5th to 9th finishing within 34 seconds of each other, after applying the adjustment.


We regrouped at the cafe at the top of the climb for provisional results and some lunch before the fast 40km home giving everyone a 90+km ride with half an hour or so to “relax” before our 5km handicap guess your time run. All for points towards the the camp competition. We had handicapped the run off the aquathlon results, and set everyone off on handicap meaning, ‘in theory’ we should all finish together. We certainly had a few tight finishes including the final two sprinting for the line – check out Frankie & Julia’s battle !!

Jo – upholding the long standing tradition of Wonder Woman Pants – ran through the field, posting the fastest actual time and winning the race on handicap. She was the only runner under 20 minutes and as it’s the first running of our event not only does Jo get the course record but everyone that raced makes our “Hall Of Fame” which includes the top ten times.

Jo managed to place enough people between her and Rob for her to take the lead in the competition and get to wear the coveted Queen Of The Volcanoes jersey tomorrow. Unlike our other competition points can still be earned tomorrow but without some sort of mechanical it will take some effort to dislodge Jo from the top spot:

As you can see from the table, training points do contribute to the overall rankings, but the effect of these dimities as the points available for the KOV comp increases each day. So, a risky strategy from Matthew (46) and Kevin (45) who by this point have done close to 40hrs training to earn this points, seem to be fairing a little worse on the races through the week as a result. Our minimum points for camp completion is 30 ( i.e the camp cannot be won by anyone who has not logged this minimum amount of training) and we have a couple campers that now need to make a concerted effort on the final day to reach that requisite if they wish to finish the camp as a “completer”….

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