King Of The Volcanoes Camp 2019, Day 4

By this stage in the camp we have some seriously weary campers !! so.. we offered the chance of a longer ( double-point) swim for everyone…a nice relaxed start to the day. It really was worth doing as it was an exceptionally “good fish day” – an abundance of shoals of different species at differing depth and a sighting of a sting ray too. The faster group of swimmers were able to leave our usual terrain of Playa Grande and swim around to and beyond the neighbouring cove of Playa Chica, whilst the slower paced group surveyed the sea life that gathers around “the rock” and then did a little buoy sighting and beach exit/entry practice.

The scheduled standard ride was again fairly short, especially now that we have a cool “new” back roads way to get to Teguise.. with the KOV climb being a very short 1.3km but steep effort up to the Castillo which overlooks Teguise. We’ve been pretty lucky with the winds this week, unlike last year where the gusts at the tip of this exposed strip of road up the mount made the last few hundred meters very difficult (and a little hairy) …and some fast ascents were logged. The handicap is starting to come together although this type of short power-based sprint favours quite a different type of rider then a longer more gradual climb – it is also less subject to the effect of fatigue. Still , whatever the reasons we saw some close finishes which always produces a little more effort from the athletes than they actually thought that they had in them! Check out the finish line video of The McRitchie War for first to summit

Although Rob did actually beat his wife over the line, because we don’t actually start everyone actual handicap for these contests, Karen actually won that climb on handicapped adjusted time, Rob second and Jo was 3rd.

As per the standard daily format, after the KOV we all gathered for coffee/lunch and to discuss options for the rest of the day. We were keen that, rather than taking the most direct route home, those new to the Island or who’ve not ridden here a lot, get to see the Northern Shore … so the majority elected to do that with Emma and Steven taking two different paced groups that way, whilst Jo rode more directly home with Steve, Julia and Karen to give options for running ,swimming, stretching or napping.

It was quite a bonus bonus ride for emma’s group ,who were treated to a few excursions onto “new” roads…. and to our amusement the “medium” ride was actually longer by a few km than the “long” route! Frankie, Russell and Farouk did get extra ice cream treats, as well as bonus training points for this…. well, why wouldn’t you? ;o )

Having finished the “long” ride, Kevin impressed and amused us all ( and delighted Steven) by heading out for a “Edginton” run…. 14miles/22.8km. Non wetsuit, too! He might regret that in the morning, but this is exactly the spirit that we love to see on camp.

Rob’s successive strong performances on the handicap climbs in addition to training points earned for doing the longest ride option each day, have moved him to the top of the points table at the end of Day 4 – and he will sport the leaders jersey as we roll out on day 5 – and the final climb of the KOV competition. As you can see …it’s pretty close at the top of the table, and with each position on tomorrows climb worth 5 points PLUS our 5km h’capped run and guess you time comp… it’s still all to play for!

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