EDT Camp Lanzarote 2015 – day 4: Tabayasco TT

shapeimage_3.pngNow that we are past the halfway mark on camp, and have all of the handicapping data logged, the real fun starts – the 3 races that fall on the next two days are serous business – with some great sponsors prizes and more importantly camp points on offer for those who perform best on handicap. For me the Tabaysaco TT is the big one – Emma and I have a running competition up this 10km hill climb…its become a bit of a camp joke, with the right to wear the Wonder Woman pants at stake (there’s a story behind that)  – this year Linda provided superhero knickers for ALL of the girls on camp – a fun touch and cause of much jealousy amongst our male campers!

Conditions were great this year, and with a strong set of riders on camp we had great expectations for some fast times – and were not disappointed

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 20.41.25Results here show the handicap times; best camper’s performance of the day (relative to the El Golfo Time Trial from Day 1)  coming from Tony – for which he won a specialist GURU bike fit from our long standing camp sponsor Ten Point

We also awarded a prize of a BlueSeventy Brick Rucksack for the fastest out-right climb which went to Mel.

Steven set a new course record and I was able to set a new female record, thanks to the favourable conditions and a good warm up with the “fast” boys ;o) on the way there.

Following the climb, we gave the option of a trail run up around the observatory – maybe no surprise following those hard efforts and a tough week that only Matthew and Linda took me up on the offer. Quote of the day from Matthew and words that I was secretly pleased to hear: “you’ll have to go easy Jo, I’ve got almost nothing left in my legs”. I was an easy run which included a bit of exploration and fantastic views down over Famara and the beaches from a rocky outcrop that we ran to the top of …and well worth the small additional effort. It turns out that this was the secodn of three runs that Matthew woudl do today – a note on that a little later….

But first – as it’s our 5th year on camp. Steven and I have been looking for small ways to add excitement in celebration! Emma recently showed us a great little road to the castle that overlooks Teguise – I’ve been eyeing it fro years but never ridden up. It just happens to be a 1.5km road with gradient of 10% and more in places – ideal for a hill sprint race…that we could handicap off our Tabeyasco times! We announced this AFTER the Tabeyasco TT and the run ..everyone was delighted – especially as Emma had arranged that there’d be a  Speedfill Hydration System on offer care of http://www.upgradebikes.co.uk

You can see a LITTLE BIT OF FILM from my handlebars 

This was won (on handicap) by Rob – with the fastest climb, after the coaches of course, from Marc.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 21.14.46That’s a lot of hard hill climbing in one ride, and so most people opted the most direct route home. I got to ride a bit longer today with Emma, Matthew, Rob and Frank – my legs were complaining a little by the end. I must admit & I was glad to have got my run out of the way earlier in the day.

Matthew, however – despite having almost nothing left in his legs – put his run shoes back on to clock a few more kilometres i the name of what is developing into a very interesting (and insane) running contest with Tony. They are each running a staggering amount each day with Tony at 86km in 4 days and Matthew now having exceeded 90km  -in addition to always having picked the longer bike routes. The entire camp is following this particular battle with great interest!


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