EDT Camp Lanzarote 2015 – day 3: Aquathlon

shapeimage_3.pngDay 3 starts with a bang – our beach based “swimmers aquathlon” race. So named because the proportional distances of the swim and the run are heavily weighted towards stronger swimmers (compared to a more “standard” aquathlon format) at roughly 1400m and 4.5km –  if they are able to sight properly, that is! In reality this event usually comes down to the ability to sight and to swim in a straight line – two essential skills for triathletes. This year was no exception, despite pretty calm sea conditions, as two of the strongest swimmers on camp managed to miss sight the turn buoy (our trusty rubber ring!) completely so both Mel and John Woods came out of the water a lot further back in the field than anticipated. John proceeded to put in the second fastest run split we’ve had in 5 years of this race to finish in the middle of the field and Mel’s solid run did the same for her. Matthew crossed the line first -solid in both swim and run, with the additional ability to sight (or at least to identify and follow Marc, the man that can). Marc’s great form in swimming and sighting had him out of the water and onto the run course first and he held all other chasers off for second place finish. It was a close battle between Brian and Frank  -Brian’s run split of 16:50 enabled him to pass the Frank in the final meters of the run. I managed to “win” the ladies race thanks to Mel’s errors in navigating the second lap of the swim and being able to just put a few seconds per km into Linda on the run. I was super impressed with her swim and race performance overall. These swim and run times (with a few adjustments fro those who swam just one lap or missed the run turn-around – or BOTH – no names being mentioned here!) will now be used to handicap our swim and run races later in the week ,where points and prizes can be earned based on performance on handicap.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 16.36.32Following all of this dashing around, we had given a few ride options to enable the use of wild cards to shorten the route to just 75km with a coffee stop recovery ride…or two different paced standard rides …and as always the option to tack on a few extra bike kms. I lead the recovery ride and introduced them to a new cafe stop in El Golfo … whilst Steven and Emma both went longer with different paced groups .The “fast boys” group had a couple of technical issues, which required a detours to ProBike to resolve and that Steven cut his own ride short – so in the end both of us have had a bit of time to review data and the camp so far and to plan ahead for the next few days.

A number of people wisely opted to do a short run off the bike, earning a run wild card for tomorrow enabled them to avoid having ti run after their Tabeyasco time trial – although I do hope that some will be adventurous and join me on a short off road run up to and around the observatory at the very highest point on the island, above Mirador de Haria!


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