TriWomEndurance Camp Day 4

IMG_0641-filtered.jpgToday is scheduled as our mid-camp easy day. However this is TriWomEndurance camp, so we have to earn that massage and sun-lounger time ..with a sprint tri race! These short races are always the highlight of my camps for me – even though don’t always get to participate. Despite being weary from 3 days of hard training, and not a lot of aspirations for the intense racing,  everyone tends to really get stuck in when the pressure is on and surprise themselves! Most notably on this occasion, Josta – who was sick yesterday and with a very sad face agreed this morning ” yes , OK I‘ll do it…but it will take me over 2 hours…” was the first across the finish line in a highly respectable 1hr28. Over half an hour ahead of her expectations!

We had a special guest triathlete, another Dutch friend Janine, doing her first ever triathlon. She enjoyed herself so much that she got carried away on the run – poor women got lost and was out almost an hour ,which included a trip to the EuroSpar!

The overall fastest time was Aine, closely followed by Bob-  if only he’d taken off his wetsuit faster! However , he wins the award for first male :o) Windy conditions made for a tough ride today  – these were all solid times all the same.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 17.04.48

I award a small number of points for this race and unfortunately my non-participation means I miss out on my “day completion” and “camp completion” points :o( so the standings at halfway look like this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 17.38.31

The rest of the day has been spent relaxing, with a sports massage and

IMG_0732WomEndurance team photo shoot!

Back on the road tomorrow – winds permitting! It’s really picking up now and the forecast is for some extremely strong gusts.

We’ll be blogging about our activities on camp each day here – look out for tweets @TriWomEndurance   and facebook postings too!


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