TriWomEndurance Camp Day 3

shapeimage_3.pngAnother sea swim this morning – slightly more chop, and less sunshine. We swam laps of ~350m for 45 minutes to get between 2.4 and 2.8km done. Bob is still loving his fish spotting – apparently sighting a tuna this morning! Of course,  Bob.

We started today’s long ride as two separate groups with the intention of meeting shortly before ourt QOM climb, after about 40km. The winds were high this morning, and combined with the overcast drizzly weather and general day 3 fatigue, the ride was not the jolliest of starts. Aside form David, that was – who was super pleased to be finally feeling better and well enough to ride!! Aine and I let him sit on the front as much as he liked for the first 30km!! It was pretty hard going

shapeimage_2We met with Josta’s group sooner than expected, in Teguise – unfortunately Josta had not been feeling well either, and it was really showing this morning, she and Bob decided to call it a day at that point so that she could get rest and well for the rest of the camp. This left 5 of us on the road as the weather closed in. It is the first time in seven years of regular winter tie visits to Lanzarote that i’ve ridden in the rain, or been cold on the bike. An none of us were really well prepared for it. The pace of the remaining group was quite varied too, but everyone cooperated to ensure that no one was left waiting in the cold too long, or having to ride to hard and although it was not pleasant, everyone remained positive.  By the time that we got to the base of the Mirador del Rio, for the day’s TT, David had started to feel very weak – a result of his having been ill – and decided to skip the race and descend directly to Arietta where we had a planned “lunch” stop.

With handicaps calculated of a legitimate climb now, we did a pretty good job in achieving a close finish. I had to work very hard to catch Dora and Aine in order to record their times…despite my 30 second advance on my “real” handicap start time. The results of today, as well as previous points are shown here

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 18.35.37

We did not hang around to celebrate in teh rain at the top of Mirador…and made our way down to lunch as fast as possible.

Fortumatly once fed and at a lower level, wit tail wind, the second half of the ride was more fun – we warmed up and did some good paced riding .Poor old Dave felt progressively worse though nut did well to hang on. Dora and Marijcke, who were behind us on the LZ1, made a premature turn off that road in order to add in one extra brutal climb to Tegise – luckily they knew the route home – and bumped into Daz who was out on a training ride. Feeling that they might have cut short the planned day’s training, they aksed Daz to show them the Donkey Track route to the Vila to ensure they did the full 110k …so i assume that they were also enjoying the ride in the end somewhat!

Finally home, all that was left to do was out 9km run loop. After some pretty solid riding the last 15km through La Geria (ok, i tried to drop her and did not manage!!) Aine and I agreed that we’d run together but would prefer to listen to music than talk!!! Bob joined us – well, sort of …his running pace was a lot faster than ours so we watched his rear disappearing ahead of us on the trail! It was good to see this…as it has helped my planning of the start sequence for the sprint tri race tomorrow ;o)

Dinner out in local restaurant and an early night for everyone .

Dora has provided her insight of the day fro us today:

“After a few days of struggling with my stomache and feeling weak, I finally had a TriWomendurance Camp worthy day! Yesterday I had skipped the long bike ride to recover and run on my own, so I was a bit nervous for today’s 110km on the schedule. After a good night of sleep (almost 10hours!) I was ready for the ride with all the Go2 drinks&gels&bars, a banana, and all the necessities that a good biker has. The first half of the ride was pretty tough with climbs towards Teguise, Haria and then a time trial to Mirador del Rio: I was cursing against the mountain, against the fast people in the group, against the pouring rain and mainly against my own quadriceps! But I went up, BAM! A victory! Then long descents with the wind in the back, ow what a good feeling. When we kept a little break, I never would have thought that a Coca Cola would taste this good (even though it’s disgusting in general). The 2nd half went so much easier, I felt like a queen that I had come this far. And Marijcke and I were standing strong together, while the other diehards were far ahead of us. At the end we found out that we were almost there, BUT it was only 90km! NOOO, I have prepared myself for the longest ride of my life (>104km) and that’s what I’ll do. So we did some extra effort to get to 104,5km :). As the last effort of the day a run off the bike followed, with 9,5km for Marijcke and 5,5km for me. Heavy legs, but happy head. The advice of today is: NEVER EVER SUGGEST TO JOANNA THAT YOU WANT TO DO A PLANKING SESSION! You will end up doing push-ups, sit-ups, and who knows what else. But now we’re clean and tidy, it’s time for dinner!!”

We’ll be blogging about our activities on camp each day here – look out for tweets @TriWomEndurance   and facebook postings too!


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