TriWomEndurance Camp Day 1

shapeimage_2.png“Awesome!!!” well that’s a nice way to sum up your experience on the first day on TriWomEndurance camp -Thanks Aine . Actually she did have a pretty kick-ass day today, relatively new to tri and only 26, she really did hold her own through the day – rounding it off by showing me her heels on the tough sandy climb on our 9km brick run! Way to go!

We began with a 3km pool set in Trisports 25m pool. the wind makes it kinda chilly so we all wore wetsuits. I’d bot really figured how difficult is is to do fly in a wetsuit until this morning – but we all had a go during the warm up :o)

The ride was a relatively short one 90km..with the inclusion of a 16km TT around El Golf ( one of our EverydayTraining camp classics). there was plenty of tea work whilst riding into the headwinds from Playa Blacha ,and lots of jolliness and a coffee stop :o)  Windy conditions made it challenging (I was about 2min slower on this TT than typical) but it did give me a benchmark for handicapping tomorrow’s QOM climb up Tabeyasco . We expect high winds all week. Run was the local tough 9km trail loop, which we ran as two separate groups at so each could run at comfortable pace.

here’s Marijcke’s account of her day:

I survived today! This might sound dramatic, but I was really nervous about the camp. I am an average athlete and I was sure I was going to be last, or maybe not even finish at all. I am also very scared off down-hills with sidewinds… Welcome to Lanzarote! So doing all the trainings on the program today was a real victory. It was a heavy day. Today I learned that there is no reason in comparing yourself with others, or at least it is not helping me to be better. We have a nice group and everybody is on his/her own level. I did everything at my own pace. Not swimming the full 3 k, but coming near. Cycling was amazing! The island is so beautiful and I love being back. I love climbing up at a steady pace and the downhill, well, not really my thing but I managed. The run first was down, so that meant coming up again and it was on sandy trails, so a lot to get used to. I ended up tripping over once missing a stone on the road. I had to do some walking, because the head wind was really strong. Looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully my legs will also!

We’ll be blogging about our activities on camp each day here – look out for tweets @TriWomEndurance   and facebook postings too!


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