TriWomEndurance Camp, Lanzarote 2015

shapeimage_2.pngJosta and are both now cosily installed in the Trisports villa – viewing the wind and rain that we’d though we’d left behind in the Uk and Netherlands! We’ve been on a short shake down ride together 0 for both of us, the first time really riding on the roads rather than rollers, Tacx or watt bike or in Josta’s case riding mountain bike on the beach. A little over 2 hours “gentle” felt pretty epic in these winds !! We agreed it was good to get that out of the system, and in private between ourselves before the girls and guys* arrive for the camp tomorrow! Fortunately the forecast for the week ahead promises a reduction in wind speed to the  35-45 kph that’s standard for Lanzarote…though it just wouldn’t be right if there were NO wind at all so we anticipate a few days with similarly tough conditions. That’s what we’re here for though!

We have a pretty pack 7-day training schedule – with swim, bike and run workouts everyday to test the endurance of the athletes. Within this we’ll be running a points competition with handicapped Queen of The Mountains hill climb inserted into each ride, an open water aquathlon race down in Puerto del Carmen and a Sprint Triathlon race from the villa here. The week wraps up with the full 180km circuit of the Island as used in the Ironman Lanzarote race. Looking at it now, it seems rather daunting – and I’m sure the athletes are feeling a little nervous about it .However, we have fantastic support in place, experienced coaches and with none of their usual distractions I look forward to watching this group exceed their expectations around what they can do, learning that they can be both physically and mentally stronger with the right motivation, redefining their limits, and having a lot of fun in the process.

We’ll be blogging about our activities on camp each day here – look out for tweets @TriWomEndurance   and facebook postings too!


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