Late Season Lanza Camp 2013: Camp Wrap Up

IMG_0379-filtered.jpgWell, after a very relaxed morning, with a few sore heads, we saw the majority of the week’s athletes off for their flights home, with the usual sadness. Steven and I always really enjoy running our camps and this has been no exception. We had a relatively small group, mostly English Blokes of a Certain Age, who bonded very well, providing a fun atmosphere and good humour with plenty of “in-jokes” and banter through the week. We received very good feedback about the new venue and format for this camp – care of TriSports Lanzarote, providing a touch of luxury and extra home comforts to the environment, as well as a more relaxed schedule which gave more time available to enjoy it! Something half way between a training camp and a holiday, this camp was designed for athletes with autumn/winter races wishing to tune up their summer fitness in a warm climate, with less emphasis on building endurance than the full-on train-fest that we are better known for (a la the Endurance camps in March). We wanted to offer more focus on coached training sessions, thus making the camp equally suitable for athletes seeking an opportunity to develop particular aspects of their training in a focused environment, and less experienced athletes. As it happened we had 4 experienced Ironman Athletes and two relatively novice athletes along – both of whom did exceptionally well in this environment, were good listeners, quick to learn and keen to “keep up” with the hard working ethos that the others inspired. Steven and I are not ones for “hand-holding”  and tend to view lack of experience as just that. So we aim to provide as much opportunity to gain experiences as possible, rather than bail-out options on our camps! Alex and Alexei both thrived in this environment and as well as picking up a lot of technical tips and advice, they also learned to Man Up and give it a go rather than be restricted by the labelling of “Novice” or “Beginner”.

Every day we had scheduled swim, bike and run workouts, with one (or two!) of these being a KEY coached session that we all did as a group. We expected certain people to extend and others to reduce the other sessions according to their requirements, needs and energy levels…which is what happened regarding the riding that we did…but I was impressed that there was very little actually skipping sessions other than for reasons of serious and ongoing injury in Marc’s case.

The average training time per person through the 6 days of camp was 24 hours and 40 minutes. This average includes Alex who was with us for the first 3 days of the camp only (who did 15 hours 52 in that time ) and Daz who joined us for some of the rides and a couple of runs (13 hr53 in total).  Excluding them, the average would be 27 hours and 30minutes. Not bad for a “lite” camp!

Not that there was any competition within this camp, but out of interest:

The Most Training Hours was down to Marc who added an extra long ride on day 5 whilst we were running ,who clocked up 32:06.  Others who came close were Nigel (29:32) and AndyB (29:29)

The most swimming was also Marc – without running he did two swims on most days and in 6 hours 04 did 15.9k .

The most cycling ,in both time and distance was Marc again – 657k in 26:02.

The most running was by Nigel – 3hours 33, 43k (with 751m ascent). The running from this location has been harder due to the terrain, and the heat this week has added to the generally low run volume across the camp, since it was mostly an optional extra training session. 751m is a camps “best” run ascent in a week.

Thanks to the great support from and really hospitable environment created by Deb and Daz, this camp has been very easy to organise, and we had the impression that they were impressed with how we run our camps, the amount of planning that goes into the schedule, volume of training that we can get done by being organised and efficient  and the overall attitude that we manage to inspire during the week. We were impressed by the quality and quantity of the catering and the free beers and wine certainly added value to the experience! We will be making a booking for next year for sure.

Once again, we extend our thanks to Powerbar who generously supplied sports nutrition product for use during the camp. This was very valuable as some of the less experienced guys had never used such products before and we wee able to give advice and information …and create a genuine need for their use!

From our own perspective, Steven has been able to easily get and thoroughly enjoy some great training  for his Ironman Florida preparations, as well as his signature cyclist tan lines,  and and I have been able to keep my own training load sufficiently low as to still be within the bounds of a “recovery” week. I also discovered that coaching a session of hill reps up a dirt track or the backside of Fire Mountain in 26-28 degrees heat is almost as enjoyable as doing it!

Our next camp is the Ironman Endurance Camp, Lanzarote

March 8-15 2014.

This camp is designed to enable Ironman, or serious middle distance, athletes to get a high-volume training week during the early part of the year, and to really challenge themselves and their preconceptions about what they can achieve in the right environment amongst a highly motivated group of their peers and coaches.

We are taking bookings now – contact everydaytraining


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