Late Season Lanza Camp 2013: arrivals

 2013-09-21 15.13.20.jpgWe’re told that it has been a scorching summer in Lanzarote this year , and we’ve been surprised at how hot it is at this time of the year. The temperature of the ocean is a currently 23 degrees…lovely! The wind is very calm and the forecast for the week is more of the same…a calm ocean with out going current (which makes for fantastic clear water) light winds and lots of sunshine!

Steven and I landed yesterday afternoon, and met a couple of our campers, the Alexs -one Russian and one Italian. They wasted no time in getting out and making an impression with a 10 km run along the Puerto seafront before we were all joined by Deb and Daz for a BBQ dinner.

Today we relocated to  TriSports’ “Supervilla”, and it was pleasing to see how impressed everyone was with the villa, the views and the comfortable facilities. Through the week, Debs and Daz will be taking care of a great deal of the logistics of running a camp for us. They have grown a successful business around this self-built bespoke triathlon training venue, offering a range of packages for triathletes seeking a sunny getaway with all home-comforts and good company. I came to know them through coming here for my own winter training….and we decided we’d like to combine resources to host a new type of EverydayTraining camp. This is the first time that Steven and I have run a camp of this nature in Lanzarote; where we rely on experienced others to take care of catering, transportation, bike rentals, and all manner of other athlete needs. This will cut our own workload down significantly and thus we are able to focus on the coaching aspect even more with coached sessions and individual training advise to the athletes on this camp. It makes the camp accessible to a wider range of athlete’s level of experience, pace and target race distance as we will be adapting workouts accordingly, and providing more options within the week’s schedule. I’m very excited about the week ahead, and laying the foundation for a regular repeat of this style of camp.

But … let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Today is arrivals day, and the 4 of us who are already in Lanzarote started the day with a short sea swim. Steven and the boys then ran together after breakfast.  I spent the morning in battle with “something I ate”, feeling rotten and hoping that it really was just a surprising case of food poisoning and will be out of my system before the camp begins this evening.  I unfortunately also missed out on a nice “shake-down” ride to try out the shiny new carbon BH road bike that I have rented from TriSports for the week. That’s what the guys who have arrived so far through the day have been doing this afternoon, a little spin up to Teguise for a coffee – and probably a cake too 😮 ). Well – they will need all of those energy stores for the week ahead, although based on the amount of food shopping that Debs has been unloading, and the generous provision of sports nutritional supplies sent by Powerbar,  I suspect that most of us will return a few kilos heavier!

Andy joins us tomorrow to complete our numbers.

It’s another all-boys camp!!

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