KOM Camp Pyrenees 2013: c’est fini (jusqu’à l’année prochaine)

camp endWell it’s taken a few days to catch up after this awesome camp. Comparing to our experience of camps in Lanzarote, this camp blew those big weeks out of the water in terms of the hours of training we all did*, and despite having the superb logistical support of Pyrenees Multisport Steven and I put in some very long days last week just to keep everything ticking along throughout the week.

It was well worth it though, and we feel that we can mark this inaugural KOM camp in France as a great success. We certainly achieved our objective of providing the support and environment in which people could really get their heads down and test their own limits, challenge their own beliefs about what they can do when sufficiently motivated, and have a great time doing it. With the support of Ian and Julie, we were also able to modify the rides for those who were less able to handle the volume, without (we hope) their missing out on any of the key aspects of the camp and especially the KOM competition. We felt that this handicapped challenge which ran through the camp should include everyone…and it was rewarding for us to see that, as the week went on, everyone got increasingly motivated by this. That the leader’s jersey changed hands daily was fun for everyone – as was the fact that in the final results, Andy – our “big ol’ diesel engine” and Paul – our Wiggo look-a-like mountain goat were extremely close on points, despite a significant difference in actual time.

It was a great pleasure to be in the company of such a sound group of guys (shame that it was all guys, I must say) who all got on very well and formed some lasting friendships. This was beautifully demonstrated by Paul who surprised us at our End of Camp Dinner with the following poem, which he has kindly permitted us to share here:


*For those interested in the training stats, which Steven has diligently tracked across all of our camps to date, the average total training hours per camper on our Lanzarote camps (across all 3 of those) is 32.5hr whilst during this camp the average training time per camper was 37.4 – despite the fact that Mark J effectively missed 1.5 days by arriving late on Sunday night.

We did less swimming in France (just 4km compared to an average of 9km in LZ),  an equivalent amount of running (40.6km compared to an average for a Lanza camp 37.5km) but the most significant of the data is what we did on our bikes.

We rode an average of 747km with 14, 052m ascent in 32.7 hours per person last week! In Lanzarote those averages are  “only” 624km, 8790m and 25.1hrs.

We do eat more eggs per person in Lanzarote however,  with an average consumption of only 2 each per day in the Pyrenees along with all of the other good healthy food stuff that’s on offer care of Julie’s kitchen :o)

For our next camp, we are returning to Lanzarote with a Late-Season training camp. This camp will be more “workout” focused rather than the big volume of our Endurance camps, and is therefor suitable for athletes across a range of distances. We will be based at the wonderful Tri Sports Lanzarote “super villa”, providing home cooked meals, use of on-site pool, gym, recovery and recreational facilities.

More info here.


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