KOM Camp Pyrenees 2013: day 6 Col des Ares Finale

Image 15Just a quick post today since, at the end of the camp there’s some celebrating to be done….so just to deliver the final results of the handicapped time trial up the last KOM climb on the camp, and overall  competition winner.

Pleasingly, we had a very close finish with 4 of us ( paul, jo ,steven and Andreas) crossing the line within 30 seconds of each other. Mark and Andy’s handicaps were probably still too favourable due to having missed a couple of the climbs…and Mark R was, to put it bluntly ,on his last legs by today!

By managing to stay ahead of Jo – by a mere 8 seconds – Paul scored full points, putting him ahead on the final day. having completed the whole camp – plus extras! – paul wins teh KOM contest this year and the prize of a UK Triathlon race entry for any of their races withing the next 12 months. A great prize and it goes to a guy who clearly loves to race and we are sure will make good use of the opportunity.

Jo of course couldn’t win the contest….but the effort put into the chase did earn her a place in the Pyrenees Multisport Col des Ares hall of fame for being the fastest female recorded on any their official camp TTs. Andy was first cross the top – having held off all chasers, and thus boosted HIS points to 97.5, a very close second which would have been a win had he just completed the Hauquette climb on day 2…..there’s a lesson there!

As only two guys – Paul and Mark – managed to complete the whole camp Mark, with the lowest points score actually placed second in the contest, with his completion and staggering 41 hours of training in the week putting him ahead of all others who failed to meet the camp requirements.

   ares profile

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