EDT Camp Lanzarote: DAY 3

GOPR2240-filteredWe began the day with one of the most enjoyable events of the camp: the aquathlon. Designed by Steven with swim-heavy distances (1.3km swim with a 4.6km run – 2 laps in each) and this year he was finally able to take part for himself. The first lap of the swim was uneventful with everyone following a nice straight line to the buoy. It should be noted that although a very bright orange rubber ring, and the largest that we could find in the beach front shops here in PdC, our buoy is not huge, and once swimming it’s difficult to see. Steven, first out of the water at the end of lap one, ran around the land-buoy (Jo) and dove back in for his second lap. His sighting must have been a bit off as we watched him swimming an arrow straight line back out to sea, but about 45 degrees off course to the right. Mel following closely, spotted his mistake but then obviously overcompensated and made an equally poor line to the left. Everyone else,  managed to make a perfectly straight line back out to see, with the race leaders continued to swim in opposite directions parallel to the shore. It was hilarious to watch! The results prove the swim speed of these two though, as Steven was still first out of the water and Mel in second place, not very far behind. Gregory and John finished their swim together in joint 3rd place.

Matthew’s swim time was decent but  tailing the lead by 3 minutes in 6th place, but after a swift transition his blistering run beat Tim’s record time from last year by 57 seconds, and was sufficient to catch all ahead Steven, who had the second fastest run  of the day and posted a new all -time camp aquathlon record. Mel continued her consistent run of top three finishes in all of our camp aquathlon races so far.

It was fun to watch everyone really giving it their all in this early morning blast, which we will use to handicap our swim and run races for points towards the camp competition.

athon results

The ride today was the Ocean Lava course. Steven took out the first group and Jo rode with the faster paced the second wave. Steven’s group rode steady and compact and kept a lid on their efforts. Coming along the LZ2 towards El Golfo Jo’s group of 4 came flying by in tight formation. Having established that everyone else was intending to play wild-cards and to ride a shorter version of the route, which excluded Fermes,  Emma, Frank and Lance decided to join them and headed off on the chase to latch on. The rest went round El Golfo and then had a lengthy stop in Yaiza for a leisurely lunch. It took long enough that we all managed to regroup after Jo’s group and been round El Golfo, down to Playa Blanca and up Femes.

Famously not a fan of loitering in cafes, the “fast” group were generously allowed 20 minutes (enough time for Rob to have 2 coffees!) before continuing on the longer rid, which included a bit of an add-on to the Ocean Lava route for 4hrs in total. There had clearly been some damage caused by the combination of the morning’s hard racing and the bitter gradient of Femes, and so we adopted a pretty smooth “through and off” rotation from Tinajo back along through La Geria and home.

Rob, who has had to really dial back his running this year due to a knackered knee was keen for a bit of a longer ride, and Jo and Lance who’d both missed out on the aquathlon racing were keen to join him. Ro

b clearly stated that he’d prefer a route for some “flatter, faster miles” ….. but quickly showed his weakness at the first suggestion of a route that repeated the El Golfo loop before investigating the approach to Femes climb via Las Brenas, as per the actual Ocean Lava course, for comparison against what we had done earlier in the ride. We were all pretty broken by the top …and glad it was just a short ride downhill to get home.

Almost everyone heading out for a second run this afternoon in order to secure a run wild card for tomorrow. Many of those runs were well above the minimum required for the wild card, and over an hour….thus moving our camp daily run duration Eddington Number up to 60minutes

Many of the campers appear to be heading for a really big week and at the mid-way point of the camp it looks like there is a good chance we’ll get best ever bike and run distances from some of them. It’s a good thing that we have some great recovery options here: The Powerbar recovery shakes seem to be going down a treat ( well they sure are in the coaches residence), Rob has been kept busy with post-training massages whilst Ali has been making sure that we DO our stretches each evening.

I’m sure that the Happy Hour beers and Pre -Dinner Gin and Tonic rituals are also helping hugely too. 

Emma, of The Kinesis-Morvelo Project put together today’s video clip. You can follow Emma’s updates from camp via her Kinesis-Morvelo Project blog

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