Welcome To The Blog

Welcome to the first edition of the new EverydayTraining blog. The idea of creating this blog came about during a discussion on to how best to make our coaching tools and resources easily available to our athletes, as well as a method of sharing some of the interesting discussions that Steven and I get into with the guys and girls that we coach.  In response to a wide variety of scenarios, challenges and questions that we face as they progress along a training regime, we often find ourselves involved in research and exchange of new ideas. We find that between 20 athletes, similar questions and scenarios do tend to reoccur  – and so perhaps this information will be of interest across a wider audience of triathletes.

The blog will be an outlet for EverydayTraining news but the main purpose is an  archive of articles covering a variety of topics related to training and racing triathlon. We have plenty of ideas already in the pipeline, but would welcome suggestions for particular topics to cover also. Remember -if you are curious/interested then there’s a very good chance that others are too! We will be asking some of our athletes to contribute with their experiences and achievements from time to time – coaches and athletes alike, we can learn a lot from one another and you may well find that their experiences mirror your own, or give you a new insight into a familiar situation.

We do hope that you’ll be checking in on a regular basis! 

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