Turbotastic Winter Warmers

Ok – we know that you are all hardcore, all-weather cycling monsters, but just in case 12 feet of snow DOES put you off that long ride this weekend, we’ve put together a little package of long turbo and spin/brick sessions to while away the hours. 

Download the file and insert you max, min and bike MAF heart-rates (which is approximately 5 beats lower than your run MAF HR – if you’re uncertain about this, please discuss it with your coach). 

For long turbo sessions, my recommendations are: 

  1. Get a turbo tyre – this saves wear on your road tyres and also give better grip on the roller. Ideally you’d use an old rear wheel for turbo-ing so that you can have it set up with the tyre and special turbo skewer on. If you don’t want to fork out for a turbo-specific tyre, you can just put an old tyre on the wheel. 
  2. Get an old strip of carpet or a yoga mat and lay it beneath you. It’ll save your wooden floors from scratches, your carpet from sweaty stains and dampen the noise a bit too.
  3. Not more than 3hrs in one block (personally after about 90 min i’ll at least have a stretch, get drinks maybe even change shorts)
  4. break sessions into 90min-2hr blocks with runs or core work 
  5. make up some good playlists
  6. if you can find a venue to do it with others that’s obviously better
  7. if that venue has a big screen TV – that’s even better still!

Because most of us have limited tolerance for long turbo sessions, and the fact that a turbo workout is really very efficient and specific, you may want to review your weekly training balance. Take 2hrs off your weekly riding targets, adding 1 hour of swimming, 1 hour of running. If conditions make running problematic then you can either, add 2hrs of swimming seeing it as an opportunity to get ahead and really boost your swimming during the winter, or, spend some of your run training time on a treadmill. For some great suggestions for treadmill run workouts – stay tuned!!

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