King of the Volcanoes Camp 2019 – Day 2

Our second day of camp takes us up to the north of the island, and the longest timed hill climb of the week, from Orzola at sea level to to Mirador del Rio – gains 450m in 10km it’s a “gentle 4%” on average …although this description was contested by a few campers on account of the fact of some much steeper sections within that! Good to get it out of the way early, we think!

Potentially a pretty big day as there is no real option for a short ride route- it’s 50km to the start of the climb – in addition to swim and run for the day. Half the camp opted to do a longer swim for a bonus point …and we had quite a few putting in runs after ride – that’s 7-8hrs of training.

we had a handicap now after the El Golfo TT, so were able to set campers off at appropriate gaps, and to calculate results based on handicap adjusted times. Today’s KOV was worth 2 points per place with a maximum of 28 for Julia who came out top on handicap, Steven’s ride (the fastest outright time) was 2nd on handicap and Farouk’s 3rd earning them 26 and 24 points respectively. Despite being second fastest up the hill, Matthew’s handicap result put him 8th – though the overall camp standings consider the combination of KOV points and Training Points.

Matthew’s 24km run off the bike has put him 7 TPs clear of anyone else however bringing him level with Steven …and so he retains the leader’s jersey on Day 3

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