EDT King of The Volcanoes Camp Lanzarote 2018 – Intro


This year’s camp format will be a little different to the way that we have run our Endurance camps over the last 7 years. Returning campers and some first timers too,have been invited to help us “test” the new, more flexible format…

The “King of the Volcanoes” Camp – a full-on training opportunity for triathletes, with a distinct cycling focus, in the warm windy climate and rugged terrain of Lanzarote will follow a similar set up to the camp that we ran in the Pyrenees in 2013 & 2014

Racing daily up some of the iconic climbs of the Island, plus a few cheeky little discoveries of our own, will provide a fun environment in which campers can dedicate themselves to a week of challenging training….but with less emphasis on the daily swim and run training making the camp appealing for clients from cycling backgrounds as well as triathletes. It also provides scope for clients with less of an endurance history to fully participate in the camp, through the handicapped KOV competitions, without having to survive the “30 hours” minimum for camp completion. Yes, we’ve gone soft with age ;o)

The KOV competition will run through the course of the camp, with the current leader in The Jersey after Day 1, and culminates in an overall camp King or Queen of the Volcanoes prize at the end of the week.  Races will be off staggered handicap start times – and KOV Points will be awarded according to the order across the finish line, so that standings will reflect performance relative to everyone’s own ability.

Standings will be updated after each ride, and you’ll find out how everyone is doing after the day’s efforts in our daily updates …and well as some choice tales of the day’s events!


Stay tuned for more….




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