Thoughts on Motivation

shapeimage_2.pngA couple of weeks ago my attention was drawn to an article by Andy Bruce (ACB Coaching) with the title “The Best 30 Day Challenges For Runners” I’d just completed my own 30 Runs in 30 days challenge, which in my view ought be right up there at no.1….   and have blogged about the benefits of that for BlackLine London in 2013.  Andy’s article however focused on a challenge that involved sitting on a wall for increasing lengths of time, arguing that this exercise itself wasn’t especially beneficial for runners in general (you dont say!) but the more psychology and behind taking on and committing to the challenge…and presented this interesting table.         

self determintaion table  

It caught my eye on a day when I’d been thinking about the spectrum of different levels and types of “motivation” that I see manifested by the athletes that I work with, so I engaged Andy in some twitter chat before asking him to explore the topic in a bit more depth through the medium of a collaborative blog.

I started by presenting my observations and current thinking around motivation, or rather it’s origins, and Andy offered a number of areas to expand on. We settled on the idea of “Readiness” …and you can the full  blog post here, on Andy’s website

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.22.11

Meanwhile…back in Somerset we have the first of our Xman  training days on Exmoor  on the 12th June

each starting with 2 x 1hour open water swim sessions in the beautiful Wimbleball lake if you just want to get wet without committing to the full training day.

The next session will be on 17th July.


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