EDT Camp Lanzarote 2015 – Wrap Up

shapeimage_3Another successful camp completed, our fifth, and if the post-camp party is anything to go by everyone bonded well and had a fantastic time getting themselves and one-anther through the week.

Over the years we’ve tweaked the camp a little each year but the broad format has remained the same. It works well and gets everyone motivated. The main goal of these camps is to provide the opportunity, environment and support to get a big week’s training done and in the process hopefully redefine what many athletes believe they can do. To complete the camp will typically take a minimum of 30 hours; six days of 30 minutes swim, 4 hour ride and 30 minutes run. This year we’ve had a particularly strong and motivated bunch of athletes here which is reflected in the average hours per camper who managed to log 34:40 each across six days training. This is a full 90 minutes more on average per camper than the best previous camp (2012).

With our two crazy running guys duking it out to take the camp run distance record. It was set last year by Matthew at just over 86km and in a week like ours I felt that was put out of reach for the vast majority – especially as this is a bike focussed camp. However, this year Tony arrived gunning for it and Matthew rose to the bait. By close of play on day 5 Tony was on 103km and had achieved his pre camp goal of 100k and Matthew was on 115k. Quite sensible they called a truce that night. I’ll be truly impressed if any betters either mark whilst still achieving camp completion. Remarkable because whilst Matthew is in training for a Quintruple Ironman this year ( Iron-distance a day for 5 day format) whereas Tony is not training for anything in particular – he just fancied the challenge!  

We’ve never had over 500 miles ridden on camp but this year Rob, returning for the fourth time, is training for the Trans Continental race later in the year. He’s turned up on his bike for that – steel, thick tyres and various bags to try out. He certainly wasn’t making it easy for himself. His goal of 150km a day was achieved on all but day 5 when he took it a little easy and helped out with 10k marshalling. He did however crack the 500 miles getting a total of 892km – another mark which will be very tough to beat whilst also completing the camp.

Matthew took the camp hours up a notch with an impressive 44:12 made up of 10.6k swim, 812k riding (thus breaking the old bike record and the 500 mile mark) and 115k running. Thats one hell of a 6 day training block. Many had a smile when they realised he was human and couldn’t face running on the final day.

Last year on the guess you time, no watch, 10k we had two people 5s off. That was an amazing effort and one I thought would take while to better. Given 20 athletes running you’d always expect one to be close. This year we had half the field within a minute (11th was 1:04 off). I wonder whether finally people are taking note of the fact most completely under estimate how quick they can run. Being 25s off was only good enough for 5th and 9s off gave you joint second. This was because Jo managed to better the record by being only 3s off. How long will it be before we get a guess bang on?

We have some ideas for slight tweaks in routes for next year. The Femes day and Tabeyesco day are such classics we can’t imagine changing them especially as it allows the whole camp to enjoy a mid ride coffee and cake together. We added in the Teguise Castle Sprint this year and it was a huge success. It would be nice to do it again but I wonder if we can do it after Tabeyesco again. This year no one knew till they’d done the main climb. I think if they did they may not give it full beans.

We thoroughly enjoyed the camp again and are already sorting out dates for next year. So please drop us a line if you’re interested in a fantastic weeks full on training with your triathlon peers.


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