EDT Camp Lanzarote 2014- getting ready!

shapeimage_2We had a lovely start to the day, greeted by relatively still air and calm sea, Steven and I wanted to recce a new swim route option – from the diving beach and around the headland to the large beach where we usually swim the Ironman loop. It’s something that has not been practical from our usual sea-front hotel location, but a change of venue this year opens up new possibilities, and we both agreed that this short addition will make for a pleasant change.  In the fourth running of this endurance focused camp we will follow the tried and tested successful basic formula, but it’s fun to add in something different too. We have several returning campers (Mel is back for her fourth consecutive year!) so we like to give them some variety. Yesterday I carried my shoes up to Mirador de Haria and investigated the most wonderful run route. In all my many months now spent on the island I have never seen this stunning route on the island’s high point and look forward to introducing that as a bonus challenge later in the week. 

Campers ca expect the same intensive daily schedule, with “camp completion” is dependant on achieving daily minimums of 30 minute swim, the day’s set bike route (typically around 4hours), and a 30 minute run. There will be plenty of opportunity to add more onto this; as well as competitions through the camp – for which we are able to award some fantastic prizes.  Huge thanks for this go to: Freespeed, Ten-Point Tri, Primal Lifestyle, Firefly, BlueSeventy and Nuun.

Whilst our excellent support crew – including Emma Osenson fearless ride leader and Strava warrior, and Sarah Bowen once again representing The Tri Touch  – and early camp arrivals are out riding their bikes, I’ve spent a nice restful morning in the hope of shaking this pesky cough cold and sorting out the Swag Bags which include goodies and gifts from sponsors and a truck-load of Powerbar sports nutrition for each athlete to keep us going for the next 6 days!

Powerbar  The Tri Touch  Blueseventy  TenPoint Triathlon  Freespeed  Primal Lifestyle  Firefly Recovery  Nuun

It’s all go from tomorrow with arrivals, bike building, test rides and camp introductions – I cant wait to greet the 18 athletes and get this camp started !!

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