KOM Camp Pyrenees 2013: day 2 Hourquette d’Ancizan

2013-05-26 13.14.19Day two on camp and following the format of a “typical” day on camp, we were in the van, half dressed n wetsuits for a 7am departure to the lake. All, that is except for Andreas and last night’s late arrival on camp, Mark – who has been nicknamed “Mark mark II” for ease of distinguishing him from “Mark mark I”.

Due to the low temperatures in the lake, and time pressure of a very full schedule, the option of a shorter swim was given..and taken by all. So, it was just a single lap swim today – enough to verify that the wetsuit flushing technique IS effective means of retaining a bit more warmth inside the suit…whereas, wearing a Helly thermal under there, is not.  Of course – it’s not a fair test if you only swim for half the duration, says “tough coach” Jo.

Our ride today started, ad was completed entirely in, sunshine. Such a nice change from the conditions of the last 10 days out here. Spirits were high. Group 1 set out with a 30 minute head start to ensure all were able to ride the first hours at a relaxed pace. It was an easy spin along the valley to Luchon, and the two groups met near the top of the Pereysaude , en route to the Hourquett D’Ancizan which was to be our KOM climb for the day.

Following yesterday’s TT, we each have handicap calculated off average rate of ascent for each person..and so, barring Mark mark II, who was given a handicap start of 20 minutes but was riding for actual time (rather than position). So at the appropriate intervals, we raced 750m of ascent over 10km of lovely road. Not that any of us should have been enjoying the view…although both Marks I and II took the time for a short detour up an attractive looking ( less steep, perhaps?) detour. The handicap seemed to be pretty decent aside from this error, with Andreas holding Jo off for a mere 13 seconds and Paul less than a minute behind that.

H'quett d'Ancizan TT* i realize that i need to sort out the formatting for the times in this table…but it’s bedtime!!

With the points tariff doubled up today (they will increase daily to reflect he increasing accuracy of the handicap….an to make the system so complex as to discourage any attempts to trick the system!), this put Andreas in the leader’s Jersey  for tomorrow’s ride.

We completed the day as one group riding easy, resulting in a long day in the saddle for all, most opted for a 7km run …except for Paul who knocked out a 12km loop..before tucking into our massive bowls of spag bol.

big day tomorrow..

  DCIM100GOPRO Paul enjoys his day in the Leader’s Jersey……

KOM graph day 2


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