Getting Ready For Camp

With a under a month until the start of EverydayTraining’s second warm weather training camp in Lanzarote, activity in the household is has taken on a distinctly office-based vibe of late. What better than a return to cold weather and the inevitable bout of post race/training block man/woman flu to draw our attention to the details of our next sunny project?

Returning to the same great apart-hotel that hosted us last year (and has been the Canarian base for steven and I plus various combinations of training partners over the years) makes that side of the logistics easy for us.

We’re also very fortunate to have Emma and Ali, the awesome ladies who helped us so much on last year’s camp, are willing to return and again lend ride and logistical support. The gals make great team, with Emma on hand to provide both cycling technique tips, group riding advice and “ego check” service for anyone who needs it on the hills, whilst Ali (Mills Physio) will be adding further value to the general physio and injury advice that was so well valued last year, by leading some pilates-based stretching and conditioning workouts to help get us through the camp in one piece.

As last year, massage services are provided by The Tri Touch and we’re delighted that (since last year’s masseuse has decided to come and experience the EverydayTraining Camp experience as an athlete this year!) it’ll be Tri Touch representative Helen Smith  providing the daily rubs. Helen is a long-time triathlete,  and former club mate of Steven and I from back in the Tri London days and we are sure that she’ll be dishing out a little hurt on the bike as well as (an appropriate amount)on the massage bench!!

We now have a full portfolio of Camp Sponsors in place. We are very grateful for the ongoing support of The TriTouch and Powerbar Nutrition which really help us to make our camps something extra special, not to mention great value for money.

In addition we have some awesome prizes and special offers from:


TenPoint Triathlon


Primal Lifestyle


So, you may be wondering what Steven and I are bringing?

Well, it goes without saying that the actual camp schedule is TOP SECRET information but the guys and gals can be assured of a full-on 6 days of great training plus some races and events to add a  little friendly competition and motivation into the mix. Steven has been a busy bee constructing some tools for tracking athletes training data whilst on camp and scoping out a few nice new cycle routes on the island.

And me? well, I’ve been doing the fun stuff: producing T-shirts and redesigning our website ….and making plans to get myself back into shape ready for march 24th  :o)

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