New Years Resolutions

Following on from sending Santa a list of wants we’re now in the season of self improvement and the setting of New Years Resolutions. There’s that posh management consultant talk of SMART goals but really all we’re looking for are resolutions that are clear cut, no ambiguity as to whether they have been achieved. Here are some suggestions, some serious, some not so, to help you reach your triathlon goals.

  1. 31 runs of 31 minutes in 31 days – In January complete 31 one distinct runs of 31 minutes or more. These are distinct runs, so running 62 minutes in one go counts as a single run. What gap is required to count as two runs is for you to decide but if you go running for 2hrs in in the snow across the moors and stop for an hour in a pub for a pint and some nosh then run 2 hrs home I wouldn’t argue if you called it two runs.
  2. No sugar in coffee for January – In my student days I had sugar in my coffee as did many of my friends. I was told if you gave up sugar in your coffee for a few weeks you would never go back to it. Many of  my friends all agreed to give up sugar in coffee for January and none never went back to it. Give it a try.
  3. Buy Everyday Training kit by end of Jan – Trusting that all our athletes are reading this, make sure your ready to look the part come the spring by getting your EverydayTraining cycling kit by the end of January. Looking this cool will make you want to get out on your bike.
  4. Only one cake at ride coffee stops – Just say no to that second cake.
  5. Write down daily training each day – Everyday by 8pm make sure you’ve noted your daily training down. Note at least distance, time and RPE by discipline together with other hours of sleep and resting heart rate.
  6. Report to your coach once a week – If you’re coached set a time each week when you will sit down and send a concise report on your training for the previous week
  7. Extra 100m in every swim session – At the end of every swim session do an extra 100m swimming. Execute this 100m at a steady to hard pace focussing on good technique throughout. Over the course of the year this will amount to several Ks extra swimming all of it practising good technique.
  8. Get enough sleep – OK, thats not particularly clear cut so… you need to decide what your required level of sleep is (for me I seem to need 8 hrs, Jo 7hrs) whatever you decide this is ensure you average that per night over the period of 4 nights. So if you go a couple of nights on less sleep you need to make sure you’re able to catch up over the next couple.
  9. 52 miles on bike every week – Close to my heart as I finally managed this this year. It’s an Eddington Number challenge and is harder than you think. At least 52 miles of cycling every single week of the year.
  10. 52 mins running every week – Another Eddington challenge and one I’ve never managed. At least 52 minutes of running every week of the year.
  11. Question articles you read – Not so clear cut but will certainly benefit you. Whenever you read an article offering advice or making some scientific claim you will resolve to think of at least one question about the article to make you think about whether it makes sense. You can start on this one.

Thats your lot … a nice round number … 11

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