Coach JC Race Results

14/10/2017 Ironman World Championships, Hawaii 11hr14 35th!!F40 (3rd GB F40)
23/07/2017 The Outlaw 10hr03 1st F40
12/08/2017 Cotswolds  113 4hr42 2nd F40
13/09/2016 IM Weymouth 10hr37 1st F40
29/07/2016 Xman Extreme Triathlon, Exmoor 13hr01 2nd Female
long distance races
14/09/2015 Challenge Weymouth 10hr41 8thFpro
19/07/2015 Ironman UK 10hr48 6th Fpro
middle distance races
09/08/2015 Ironman 70.3 Dublin 4hr54 6thFpro
14/06/2015 Ironman 70.3UK Staffordshire 5hr10 11thFpro
long distance races
05/10/2014 Ironman Barcelona 9hr32 14th Fpro (pen)
14/09/2014 Challenge Weymouth 8hr59 2nd Fpro
20/07/2014 Ironman UK 10rh21 3rd Fpro
17/045/2014 Ironman Lanzarote 10hr44 11th Fpro
middle distance races
23/08/2014 Geeky Freaky MD
15/06/2014 Ironman 70.3 UK, Exmoor 5hr05 2nd Fpro
long distance races
08/09/2013 Ironman Wales 10hr45 5th Fpro
04/08/2013 Ironman UK 10hr05 2nd Fpro
07/07/2013 Ironman European Championships, Germany 9hr50 15th Fpro
14/04/2013 Ironman South Africa 10hr16 10th Fpro
long distance races
09/12/2012 Ironman Western Australia 10hr09 8th Fpro
16/09/2012 Ironman Wales 10hr12 3rd Fpro
08/07/2012 Challenge Roth 10hr04 3rd W35
04/02/2012 Double Enduroman Lanzarote 29hr25 1st female
long distance races
31/07/2011 Ironman UK 9hr59 4th Fpro
21/05/2011 Ironman Lanzarote 11hr10 7th Fpro
15/01/2011 Challenge Wanaka 10hr57 4th Fpro
middle distance races
19/06/2011 Ironman 70.3 UK, Exmoor 5hr26 7th Fpro
long distance races
05/12/2010 Ironman Western Australia 10hr11 6th Fpro
09/10/2010 Ironman World Championships, Hawaii 10hr23 35th Fpro
01/08/2010 Ironman UK 10hr16 3rd Fpro
27/06/2010 Ironman France 10hr07 8th Fpro
22/05/2010 Ironman Lanzarote 10hr24 6th Fpro
middle distance races
20/06/2010 Ironman 70.3 UK, Exmoor 5hr09 5th Fpro
12/06/2010 TriGrandprix MD, Zarautz 4hr50 1st W30
10/10/2009 Ironman World Championships, Hawaii 10hr19 6th F30
08/08/2009 ETU LD Championships, Prague 7hr07 1st F30 – european champion
23/05/2009 Ironman Lanzarote 10hr45 1st F30
06/03/2009 Ironman New Zealand 10hr12 3rd F30
07/09/2008 Ironman Wisconsin 10hr33 1st F30, course record
10/10/2008 Wensleydale MD Triathlon 5hr03 1st female, run course record
06/07/2008 Ironman European Championships, Germany 9hr43 1st F30 – european champion
03/05/2008 Accelerace Mid-Wales Ultra 18hr44 1st ever female finisher
13/10/2007 Ironman World Championships, Hawaii 10hr23 5th F30
08/09/2007 British Middle Dist. Champs, The Vitruvian 4hr31 1st female, course record, national champion
06/07/2007 Ironman European Championships, Switzerland 9hr57 2nd F30
08/05/2007 Ironman Lanzarote 10hr45 1st F30